Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Body Fat Calculators

Current Weight: 164.2
Lost so far: 45.8
Pounds to go: 19.2

 Well, my weight is still up a little but it's better and, more importantly, the measurements fell.  So, it seems I've got a little new muscle and less fat.  On that note, I *hate* the body fat calculators that use tape measurements, so freaking inconsistent.  When my measurements were taken by calipers the first time it came out as 27.4 and the calculators said 26.66 (this one) and 27.5 (this one).  I figured that was actually pretty close and so those might actually work well enough in between caliper measurements to see how I'm coming along. 

Then I lost a few inches/pounds and now it's all wonky and they are irritating me.  Now the first one says 26.22 (so not much change) and the second one says 24.7, a 3% drop.  I looked at a few others and actually got measurements anywhere from 4.5% (ha!) to 70% (OMG).  I went back to the first one, that had me in the 26% range, and looked to see what would have to change to make that number go to 24% and it said I would have to drop almost 5 inches off my waist and 10 inches from my hips.  At a 23 inch waist and 28 inch hips (not sure if that's even *possible* at my height/hip bone width) or at a 20 waist/30 hips I think I'd look pretty damned gross.  So that calc sucks.  But the one that was closest (27.5 was only off by .1 the first time) says that I've gone down almost 3% in 4 weeks which also seems unrealistic.  I guess I'll just have to wait for the caliper checkup in a couple of weeks.  In either case, I seem to be making progress, so today is definitely a better day.

How's your day going?

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