Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Building Endurance

Current Weight: 166.0
Lost so far: 44.0
Pounds to go: 11.0

No weight changes to report but that's fine by me as I'm not really trying too hard on weight loss at the moment.  I'm trying to lower my running time and be able to run 3 miles without stopping and that's gonna take some focus for a while.  It will probably also add some muscle so I'm hoping to at least balance the amounts (add muscle while losing fat for a net 0 or net loss) but as long as I don't hit 170 it's fine for now.  I can keep going without stopping for about 20 minutes so far, not too bad.  I'm still super slow but the duration is increasing.

Also, I discovered a new muscle in my leg that isn't covered by fat anymore so wahoo!  I'm also adding some more inner thigh workouts to build up that muscle a bit.  If the fat there is gonna be stubborn and not go away then it's at least gonna have a solid foundation.

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