Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Current Weight: 165.0
Lost so far: 45.0
Pounds to go: 10.0

The pain while sleeping on my left side is getting better as the angle I sleep at is adjusted a little now.  I liked the old way better but at least it stopped hurting.  A friend showed me how to pop my hip (like you would pop your knuckles) and that helps a little bit with the numb sensation.  It keeps coming back but I haven't laid off on exercise either so I guess I get what I work for (or rest for, as the case may be).  My doctor appointment is on Monday but I may end up needing to talk to a chiropractor about this one.

In other news, my mile time is down to 11:40 which is about 2 minutes off of what it was originally.  I'm still shooting for 10 minutes with longer distances and I think that so far it's pretty good progress.  I'll have my next body fat measurement on Sept. 11 and I'll get to see how the work is paying off.  I've heard that if you are really dedicated you can go down .5% a week but I'll be thrilled with 1-1.5% over the 6 weeks.  Since my measurements are going down but my weight is not I think I'm headed in the right direction.  On the other hand, I'm still a total newb at this so we'll see how it goes.

And, going off on a tangent, I had the oddest comment yesterday.  I'm down to 165 which, for me, is a BMI of 23.7 and a body fat percentage at 27%.  So I'm in decent shape but not fantastic shape.  Ideally I'd like to be around 155 (BMI 22.2) with 21% body fat which is possible but will take some work and time (the 21% being more important than the 155, depending on added muscle).  But yesterday someone made a joke about me being anorexic.  I realize it was a joke but behind every "just kidding" is an element of what they really think.  My goals are healthy and eating as an anorexic will NOT get me to my goals.  The person who said it, though, is in good enough shape to know that so I just don't understand.  Maybe she thinks I weigh less than I do or my body fat is lower?  At my height (5'10") I do carry weight pretty well.  I guess I'll try not to let it bother me so much as I know my goals are healthy and I'm working with someone at the gym who also thinks my goals are in the right place but I think I need a thicker skin.

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