Monday, February 11, 2013


Someone asked about how we reward ourselves for progress.  This is my answer:

New music or headphones

Clothes of some type

Boots were for a big milestone since they cost a bit more

Haircut at the nicer salon instead of the cheap one


An extra hour of sleep without giving myself any guilt :) 

Some of the biggest rewards, though, just happened.  That feeling after I pulled all of the clothes out of my closet that didn't fit anymore and saw how big that pile was.  Seeing my jawline appearing and realizing I have a collar bone.  Noticing people stare at me sometimes that I've never met even when I didn't just do something totally embarrassing.  Running after the dog that just ran out the front door and actually catching it *without* using the car.  Running with my kids as they learned to ride the bike and still being able to breathe.  Those were really big (and free) rewards.

How do you reward yourself?