Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm gonna do it!

Current Weight: 166.5
Lost so far: 43.5
Pounds to go: 11.5

Remember that 5K I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, I'm gonna do it.  Yup, I said it (and scared myself by saying it).  I'm going to start the Couch to 5K program this week and I'm going to voluntarily run...

Also, I met with the fitness center coordinator at work today to do a body fat test.  Yup, 27%, just like I thought based on measurement calculators.  So, doing the math = 168.5 (after breakfast/hydration weight) * .27 = 122.5 lean mass.  Well, close enough anyway as the test can be a few percentage points off (calipers) but we'll assume it's correct for now.

Obviously, losing muscle is not on the options list so if I want:
24% body fat that's 122.5/.76 = 161
21% body fat that's 122.5/.79 = 155

My goal of 155 is still potentially realistic but I'd have to be in pretty good shape to do it (less than 21 is considered Athlete, 21-24 is Fitness, 25-31 Average, etc).  She explained that in order to do it I'm going to have to shake it up somehow as 2x week Zumba that got me here (love that class!) is probably not enough by itself to get me where I want to be.  Hence, committing to the 5K that I've been thinking about. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


Current Weight: 166.6
Lost so far: 43.4
Pounds to go: 11.6

Just for a joke last night I thought I'd try on the size 6 Levis at the store since I'm regularly wearing the 8s now. I figured they would zip up since it's only one size down but that they would have a super muffin top.  But they didn't.  Oh, there is a little one, yes, but I think in about 5 pounds they'll be perfect.  So my joke ended up being a purchase.  And now they are hanging in the closet where I will see them each morning, my next motivational clothing item.  I can't believe I'm getting so close to my goal!  What is shocking to me is that I have never worn a 6.  Ever.  Even in high school I was an 8.  I've just assumed all this time that I'd be an 8 when I was at my goal weight so I'm still wrapping my head around this one.

Haha, and my weight has all 6s in it, too.  I guess today is just a 6 kind of day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I watch my weight constantly but once a week I bust out a measuring tape to log my progress and today I was looking at how far I've come. 42 pounds and so many inches.

WhereStartNowInches Lost
Chest (band, not bust)35.5032.253.25
Upper Arm13.5011.751.75
Weight210.00168.0042.00 Pounds

Not bad for 7 months. I'm expecting to get to my goal sometime in late Sept/early Oct and it's exciting to realize it's not that far away. Happy Dance!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Run a 5K?...

Current Weight: 168.4
Lost so far: 41.6
Pounds to go: 13.4

I think my progress has gotten to my brain and stolen coherent thoughts.  I've always said that if I'm running then anyone who sees me should run, too, because I'm probably being chased by something.  And yet, today I find myself thinking of the possibility of running a 5k.  Specifically, this one to start with as it's a good 14 weeks away and I'd have time to prepare and, just for the fun of it, it's run in costume.  On the other hand, perhaps my brain is lacking oxygen...  I think I'll sit on this thought for a week or so and check back with you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Good and The Bad

Current Weight: 169.6
Lost so far: 40.4
Pounds to go: 14.6

Well, that 6 I saw last week lasted for one day and then it bounced back into the 170s.  And THEN I went to San Fran for the weekend and decided (ahead of time and not just as a craving whim) that I wanted some San Francisco style pizza.  Yum.  The trip had some great parts (family visit, warship tour, Ghirardelli sundaes) and some really sucky (husband's wallet and phone stolen by pickpockets and then he got food poisoning).  All in all, glad to be home, everyone is well again and I'm being good again since Monday.  As a reward, the scale hit the 160s again and this time I plan on keeping it.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holy Crap, That's a 6

Current Weight: 169.6
Lost so far: 40.4
Pounds to go: 14.6

I broke a 10 pound milestone and there is a 6 on that scale.  I now have less than 15 pounds to go and only one more 10 pound milestone.

The only downside to all of this losing is that I was aiming to not buy new clothes since I could fit into all of my old clothes.  But...  the smallest size I own fits now.  Right now.  I have one dress in my closet left to shrink into but it's my senior prom dress so I can't really wear that all that often.  So when I hit goal I am going to have to go shopping.  I'm still wondering what size that will be then because I think it's a small 8/large 6.  I guess it will be a surprise!

Have you hit a goal recently?

Monday, July 9, 2012

What Started It?

Current Weight: 170.6
Lost so far: 39.4
Pounds to go: 15.4

How did I decide to lose the weight and mean it?

All the little things added up, I guess.  Several years ago, after my 3rd child was born, I lost 80 pounds in 7 months.  Over the time since then I have put back 50 on, slowly.

Tagged Facebook pictures are often awful and I knew I was starting to look fat again but I kind of brushed it off that they were from a bad angle or whatever.  There were more of them than there used to be but I didn't see that fat girl in the mirror yet.

Then a friend at work, meaning well and kind of sticking his foot in his mouth, said that he noticed that since I got married I was going with the 'fat and happy' path.  I think he felt bad once he said it and I tried to take it in stride but it did kind of sting.

One of my sisters lost a lot of weight recently and told me that my original weight loss was her inspiration and here I was, fat again (though at least not as fat as before).

I went out to a lovely fancy night with several friends and their spouses last November and all of the girls are tiny girls and I was the 'fat friend' in all of the pictures, which was completely mortifying.

Then I weighed myself around Christmas and the 200+ number became 210 which tipped me into 'obese' instead of 'overweight'.  And the straw broke the camel, all of the little things added up.

I've almost taken off 40 of those 50 pounds I put back on.  Now I'm going for those last 10, +5 more for good measure and I've learned that it's not enough to take it off.  I have to change how I live and eat after I lose it or 8 years from now I am going to be doing this again and that's not okay.

What was the moment for you?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Increasing the Goal

Current Weight: 171.0
Lost so far: 39.0
Pounds to go: 16.0

Feeling really great today about where I am and where I'm headed.  I've been talking about changing my ending goal to 155 instead of 160 and I'm making that official.  My tracker on the side of the page and my "Pounds to go" will reflect that from here on out.  So, the number went up but that's okay.  It's still under 20 pounds left so it's hard to feel bad about that.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Calorie Count

Current Weight: 172.0
Lost so far: 38.0
Pounds to go: 12.0

Today is day 5 using caloriecount.com and I'm really liking it.  Not only is it helping with my food logging but it is also encouraging me to exercise a bit more (I don't like have *nothing* on the page at the end of the day) and also with drinking more water since it serves as a good reminder. 

The only thing I don't like is that when I access the site from my android tablet it won't let me use the full site and also glitches on letting me use the mobile site and it makes me use the app.  Boo.  I have a 10" tablet and use my home internet connection so there is no reason I shouldn't use the regular site and I can see way more information than I can on the app.  So that part sucks but otherwise it's a good site.

Are you trying any new tools lately?  What do you think of them?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I signed up for caloriecount.com with a friend of mine and we are also messaging each other on Facebook for extra motivation.  I kind of like having a food log that isn't scribbled in a notebook (how I usually do it) so I think this will be very helpful.

I spent a lot of time yesterday on mybodygallery.com figuring out what weight I want to settle on for my height.  If you haven't checked it out yet, that site is something to go see.  Anyway, I think 160 will make me happy with my weight and 150-155 will make me ecstatic with it, so somewhere in there-ish is good, varying by how the muscle/fat ratio is looking when I get there.  There are also cautionary tales on there of girls who are 5'10" and 100-125 and it scares me to see those.