Monday, October 29, 2012

5K postponed

So on Thursday I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma (EIC).  I've had this for years but it never occurred to me that it was asthma.

~ I got a lot of phlegm build up with heavy exertion (including running more that 1 mile)
~ Doing really heavy exertion (pushing a car for the woman that ran out of gas, sprinting to my car when I'm really late) will always make me cough for 10-15 minutes, longer if it's cold outside
~ Pushing myself on the treadmill (6.5 mph instead of 5.5) makes my throat close up and I have to back off.

The first two I thought were normal if it was cold and if maybe I just wasn't drinking enough water.  But no matter how much water I had beforehand it never actually changed.  The last one I thought was what was normal if I was trying to do more cardio wise than I was ready for (figuring I was in terrible shape).  Turns out that while I should have been breathing harder I shouldn't have felt my throat getting tight.  I finally googled "exercise causes coughing" and found several links suggesting asthma, which the doc confirmed.

So I am now the owner of a shiny new inhaler.  Doc said use it 15 minutes before I exercise and I should be good to go.  If it doesn't work, come back in a month and we'll see if there's more we need to do.  So yesterday I tried it out with the elliptical.  Previously I did 55-60 rotations/minute and yesterday I was doing 70 like it was cake.  It's amazing what breathing can do for a difference.

Unfortunately Sunday was supposed to be my 5K but since I haven't had a run without issues yet and because it's colder suddenly, which seems to set me off, I'm waiting.  I will be trying my inhaler with my 1 mile runs this week and see what changes.  If that's ok, I'll try a 3-miler next weekend.  I just felt that realistically I hadn't had the time since Thursday to get used to how this is going to change things and I want to be ready.  There's usually a Turkey Trot 5K at Thanksgiving so that's probably an ok time for me to jump in.  I'm kinda bummed but I think I made the right choice this way.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Down Again

Current Weight: 159.6
Lost so far: 50.4
Pounds to go: 4.6

I have been slacking for a month.  Maintenance has been pretty easy but I felt so overwhelmed with everything else (work, kids, etc) I just didn't want to focus on those last 5 pounds at all.  Two days ago the motivation finally came back in and we're going again so even if this goes slow, maybe by Thanksgiving and definitely by Christmas I can do this.  Today a new low number is on the scale so I'm on my way.