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I've been using Calorie Count to track my calories since July.  Some of my friends really like MyFitnessPal a lot, too.

I have a MapMyRun account and I do like it but I found it to be a pain logging workouts in multiple places so I haven't been updating it as much.  BUT, I really do like it's features for creating routes so I'll keep that account around.

I've recently discovered Tumblr blogs.  I mean, I knew they were out there but I just never quite got the point of it until I started following a few Fit Bloggers on there.  My favorite is FuneralForMyFat (tons of good advice there) but I follow a good half dozen or so.

Blog wise I really like Roni's Weigh, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and Skinny Taste.

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