Saturday, June 30, 2012

Losing Inches

Current Weight: 173.8
Lost so far: 33.2
Pounds to go: 13.8

So I'm only down 2.2 pounds in the last *3 weeks* which was starting to bum me out but today I took measurements and I'm also down 1.5 inches on my hips (to 40.5) and a half inch from my waist (to 29.5).  Clearly I'm losing some fat and gaining some muscle.  I still can't fit my tight pair of 10 jeans but my regular 8 jeans fit and my regular 10s are getting a little big.  So, I'll take my victories where I can get them.  Today is a good day.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pluggin' Along

Current Weight: 173.8
Lost so far: 33.2
Pounds to go: 13.8

I'm almost back to our weigh in day so that's a good victory for this week.  The morning hikes are getting a LOT easier than they were and I'm able to go faster.  In Zumba I'm just as tired at the end of the class but I can follow along better and I'm certainly more energetic and getting more exercise than I used to.  So, yay for some progress.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Better Day

Yesterday I was having an off day.  I kept focusing on how far I have to go instead of how far I've come.  Yes, there's still more weight to lose, more days of calorie deficits BUT I've lost over 35 pounds this year.  THAT is what I should focus on because if I can do that then I just have to keep going and carry on and I will reach my goal.  I think I can, I think I can...

Monday, June 25, 2012


We all have those photos that someone else took that are unflattering.  Doesn't matter how skinny/fit/pretty you are, those photos exist.  I don't usually take photos of myself (hard to do without a mirror) so I went looking back at photos I was tagged in on Facebook so I could a before/after and yup, there were those awful pics.  What's odd, though, is the pics that were NOT "bad pictures".  I looked at several otherwise decent pics and thought "wow, I was fat" but then realized that I never felt all that fat and right now, 35+ pounds lighter, I don't really feel much different.  Was I too easy on myself then?  Too hard on me now?  I don't know.  Certainly it's possible that I will feel differently in the coming months as I lose a few more pounds and get used to this changed body but today I still feel like that same physical me that I was. 

At that time I thought I looked pretty good but now looking at them I think I looked fat.  I was kinda pretty fat, but I was fat.  So...  I thought I looked good but I didn't really (in my current opinion).  Well, I think I look good now but if I was wrong then?  I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking this.  Hard to motivate myself when I can see a difference but I'm not feeling one (isn't it supposed to be the opposite that is usually the problem?).  Sigh...  I guess it doesn't help that the swimsuit that fit me last year still fits now and I don't even know how that's possible.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Self Challenge

Current Weight: 175.4
Lost so far: 34.6
Pounds to go: 15.4

Yes, I am up 3 pounds over yesterday.  We took a day off from the every day of being good and since I am down over 35 pounds I'm ok with getting a couple back.  Mostly it's probably water weight tied to that many carbs and the upcoming cycle, along with just the weight of the food itself because no one can gain 3 'real pounds' in 1/2 a day.  In any event, I am back on my better habits today and the number can start falling again.

Okay, so Biggest Loser is over and I need motivation again. So, I'm going to try a 2 week challenge against myself.  If I complete it (meaning I do the exercises specified for each day) then I get a little money to go shopping for a cute pair of shoes or a pair of jeans.

I found this list from Prevention magazine (found it on Pinterest, of course) and it's worth a shot so here we go.  'A Days' are M/W/F and 'B Days' are Tu/Th/Sa.  Since Zumba is on Tu/Th I will substitute that for the cardio on those days.

What are you challenging yourself with right now?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Biggest Loser Completion

Current Weight: 172.8
Lost so far: 37.2
Pounds to go: 12.8

First off, at 5'10", I am finally in a healthy weight range.  Woot!

We had our final weigh in today for our Biggest Loser style competition.  I took third place with 20 pounds lost and at that amount I am SO okay with third.  One person lost 33 pounds (15.86% of body weight) and the winner lost 29.25 pounds (17.00% of body weight).  My loss came in at 9.87% of body weight.  All total, between the 6 participants, we lost 108.25 pounds over 8 weeks and EVERYONE who participated lost weight of at least 6.5 pounds.  Go team!

Now we will move on to our "Biggest Maintainer" contest.  Over the next 2 months we can lose or maintain but we cannot gain, weighing in on August 21st.  Anyone who does gain will owe a very steep $100/pound.  Luckily, I am still aiming to lose another 13 pounds or so and I want to have lost it by early August, which makes this a little easier for me to stay motivated.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1 Year Ago

Current Weight: 173.2
Lost so far: 36.8
Pounds to go: 13.2

One year ago I pinned this.  I didn't start then but a few months later I did and I am SO glad I did.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Current Weight: 174.2
Lost so far: 35.8
Pounds to go: 14.2

Today is National Martini Day AND it's World Sauntering Day.  I say we make a couple martinis and practice our saunters.  Sounds like a fun party, hehe.

Wanna see what other fun holidays (like 'I Forgot Day' on July 2) are coming up? Look no further!  Here you go.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Current Weight: 175.2
Lost so far: 34.8
Pounds to go: 15.2

So, no change in weight this weekend but, since I ate a LOT of steak, it's probably best as the only movement would probably be up, haha.  We went to a friend's for a BBQ and it was great.  What was your weekend like?

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today is a very good day.  I noticed in the mirror this morning that I actually have a jawline again, my double chin disappeared, AND all of my size 10 dresses/skirts fit.  The 10 jeans don't fit yet and the scale didn't budge, but still, it's big progress for me.  So yay!  What progress are you celebrating today?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gotta Move!

Current Weight: 175.2
Lost so far: 34.8
Pounds to go: 15.2

Today was another first on a list of things I never thought I would say/think.  I realized that I'm feeling cranky because I haven't exercised.  How did that happen?!  I actually realized I was feeling crummy and I needed to go get some exercise so I could feel better.  I *wanted* to exercise.  Yes, I know that lots of people think like that and it's very common but just never thought I would ever be one of them, lazy ol' me.  Anyone else surprised the first time they felt that?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whatever Motivates You

So, as an additional motivator, I thought I'd make a chart in Excel to show how far I've come and where that trend is heading. The first chart is all of my progress since I started this blog in January. The second is how much progress I've made since our work competition started. If I can keep my current progress trend going, I should reach my original goal of 160 in mid-August. I am SO glad I joined the competition as it's given me just the kick start I needed!

Sometimes just knowing how much you've accomplished is enough of a push to keep you going. What are you doing to motivate yourself or to see how far you've come?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Play List!

As promised:

My Current Workout Playlist (plays on random)

Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Britney Spears - I Wanna Go
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
Cee Lo Green - Forget You
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Daddy Yankee - Rompe
Don Omar - Taboo
Elijah King - Quitate La Ropa
Gloria Estefan - WEPA
Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again
Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor
Kat DeLuna - Drop It Low
Kat DeLuna - Run The Show
Kat DeLuna - Whine Up
Katy Perry - Firework
Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
KT Tunstall - Come On, Get In
KT Tunstall - Fade Like A Shadow
Kumbia Kings - Boom Boom
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Lady Gaga - Judas
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
LMFAO - I'm Sexy and I Know It
Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger
Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
Pink - So What
Pitbull - Give Me Everything
Pitbull - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)
Pitbull - International Love
Queensberry - The Song
Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem of the 80s
Rihanna - SOS (Rescue Me)
Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
Selenz Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song
The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Music

Current Weight: 176.2
Lost so far: 33.8
Pounds to go: 16.2

So I have about 30 songs on my workout list at the moment, which hopefully I'll have posted for you tomorrow.  But today I found a site with another great list that I thought I'd link here, just in case you are looking for some inspiration.  Find it here.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Start to the weekend

Current Weight: 176.4
Lost so far: 33.6
Pounds to go: 16.4

I read on a few sites that green tea, more omega 3, and drinking more water can help speed up metabolism.  The water I'm positive is true, the other two can't hurt, right?  So this week I've been taking those each day and I do see more weight loss than I have in past weeks so maybe it works.  Maybe it's also a placebo effect but either way does it matter so long as it works?  Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Current Weight: 178.2
Lost so far: 31.8
Pounds to go: 18.2

Saw the scale go down, yay!  I bought some of the music we use in our Zumba class so I can use it for my elliptical workouts and walks.  My patience for working out lasts longer with music so this will be great to have.  I asked the instructor for a list of the music she uses since most of them I don't normally listen to and had never heard and she was really great and emailed me screenshots of her iTunes so I could hunt some down.  So now I have about 25 new songs to add to my rotation.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aiming for a size 8

Today I bought a pair of size 8 Tall 515 Levis.  At almost 5' 10", my goal is to fit them.  SO, to make sure I have the motivation, I ripped off the tags so I can't take them back.  I don't want to waste good money now, do I?  At slightly less than 180, I am currently in a 12 comfortably and I can button the 10 and the 8 but they both come with large muffin tops that should not be seen in public.  The last time I wore an 8, I was 18 or 19 years old so that's about 15 years ago, before having 3 kids.  My weight goal right now is 160, about a 50 pound loss all total, but I am technically going to go until the 8s fit well which I believe is somewhere around 155.