Friday, June 22, 2012

Biggest Loser Completion

Current Weight: 172.8
Lost so far: 37.2
Pounds to go: 12.8

First off, at 5'10", I am finally in a healthy weight range.  Woot!

We had our final weigh in today for our Biggest Loser style competition.  I took third place with 20 pounds lost and at that amount I am SO okay with third.  One person lost 33 pounds (15.86% of body weight) and the winner lost 29.25 pounds (17.00% of body weight).  My loss came in at 9.87% of body weight.  All total, between the 6 participants, we lost 108.25 pounds over 8 weeks and EVERYONE who participated lost weight of at least 6.5 pounds.  Go team!

Now we will move on to our "Biggest Maintainer" contest.  Over the next 2 months we can lose or maintain but we cannot gain, weighing in on August 21st.  Anyone who does gain will owe a very steep $100/pound.  Luckily, I am still aiming to lose another 13 pounds or so and I want to have lost it by early August, which makes this a little easier for me to stay motivated.

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