Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So Far, So Shiny

I realize it's only a few days in but I'm happy to say that I'm sticking to my goals.  Last Christmas I set out at 210 pounds to lose 50 pounds and get to 160.  I achieved that some months ago and revised my goal to 155 so that I would be smack dab in the middle of the "healthy" range of BMI.  Of course, BMI doesn't mean a lot once you get into a good weight but I wanted to be able to say I made the original goal, that I finished something. 

Once I'm in the range of 150-155 then I'm in happy maintenance mode (that will be about 18-21% body fat at that weight).  Since it's down from where I am now and most of my remaining fat is on my hips, thighs, and bottom that will probably drop my pant size again and I'll wear a 4/6 instead of 6/8 (Jeans are usually at the smaller size, everything else at the larger).  I thought about that last night and it kind of blew my mind.  Even in high school I don't remember ever wearing a 4 or even a 6.  I always bought clothes at a 7/8 size back then. 

I've always assumed that people who are tall can't wear a 4 or smaller because those sizes are for shorter girls (who I would expect have narrower/smaller hips since they are shorter).  I have absolutely NO desire to see a size 2 or to regularly wear a 4 as I think I would look just awful at the weight required to do that but it's pretty cool to think that a 6 could be a new normal for me.  I have a trip scheduled for Oregon down the road and I look forward to some shopping (no sales tax!) with my sisters.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Current Weight: 157.8
Lost so far: 52.2
Pounds to go: 2.8

I managed to survive the holiday without any gains.  I was very good the week leading up to Thanksgiving and have been very good since.  ON Thanksgiving, however, I was not terribly good but I planned it that way.  I decided to enjoy the day with family and loved ones and just enjoy the food and drinks and not worry about it overly much.  I ate very healthy that morning and for dinner I just ate what I felt like.  Oh, the stuffing!  And the gravy!  The next day I was up a few pounds just from all the salt, haha, but being religious about my water intake since has seen that go back down.

Now as I look ahead at the weeks ahead of me and all of the celebrations coming up I still would like to hit my goal of 155 in the month of December.  So here's my plan:  eat really well during the week, exercise at least 30 minutes every day (in addition to Zumba on Tue/Thur), no alcohol during the week.  On each of the next 4 weeks I have 1 special party or dinner so during that party I will do the same as Thanksgiving.  Eat very good the day of and then not worry too much about dinner (my stomach is smaller now anyway so it will only hold so much).  I'll drink my water like it's going out of style.  I can have dessert during the party but just one. 

If I do handle these parties/meals like I did for Thanksgiving then I believe that I can hit my goal by the end of the month.  That goal has become so tantalizingly close and I'm really excited.  I have not weighed that little since high school so that's kind of awesome.  I know the scale number is just a number but this is a goal I have been trying to get back to since I was 19 (14 years) so it's a great feeling to be closing in on it.  Once I hit it then I can get back to caring more about body fat percentages (working on 18-21%) than numbers on a scale.

On Thanksgiving my cousin-in-law gave me a pair of Miss Me jeans she ordered off ebay that turned out to be the wrong size for her and I am SO close to fitting them, literally just a few pounds away.  I really owe her because these jeans are just beautiful (I have never owned stylish/trendy jeans, just my Levis).  If they were regular mid rise jeans I would already fit them but they are low-rise (the first pair I've ever had) so my love handles need an inch or so trimmed off for them to fit perfect.  I think I may be good by the end of the month to wear them because they are really really close.

Anyway, so that's my overdue update.  How are things moving along for you?