Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Good and The Bad

Current Weight: 169.6
Lost so far: 40.4
Pounds to go: 14.6

Well, that 6 I saw last week lasted for one day and then it bounced back into the 170s.  And THEN I went to San Fran for the weekend and decided (ahead of time and not just as a craving whim) that I wanted some San Francisco style pizza.  Yum.  The trip had some great parts (family visit, warship tour, Ghirardelli sundaes) and some really sucky (husband's wallet and phone stolen by pickpockets and then he got food poisoning).  All in all, glad to be home, everyone is well again and I'm being good again since Monday.  As a reward, the scale hit the 160s again and this time I plan on keeping it.

Happy Wednesday!

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