Friday, July 27, 2012


Current Weight: 166.6
Lost so far: 43.4
Pounds to go: 11.6

Just for a joke last night I thought I'd try on the size 6 Levis at the store since I'm regularly wearing the 8s now. I figured they would zip up since it's only one size down but that they would have a super muffin top.  But they didn't.  Oh, there is a little one, yes, but I think in about 5 pounds they'll be perfect.  So my joke ended up being a purchase.  And now they are hanging in the closet where I will see them each morning, my next motivational clothing item.  I can't believe I'm getting so close to my goal!  What is shocking to me is that I have never worn a 6.  Ever.  Even in high school I was an 8.  I've just assumed all this time that I'd be an 8 when I was at my goal weight so I'm still wrapping my head around this one.

Haha, and my weight has all 6s in it, too.  I guess today is just a 6 kind of day.

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