Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling Good

Current Weight: 165.6
Lost so far: 44.4
Pounds to go: 10.6

The scale is flirting with the last 10 pounds again.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky with some movement?  Hmm, time will tell I guess.  I'm really feeling like I'm kicking butt right now and that's a nice change.  I've run a mile twice this week, hiked 4 miles twice, gone to Zumba twice, and hit the elliptical once.  That's 7 workouts recently and the week isn't quite over yet and I've got to tell you that is something that I *never* thought I would get to.  I had embraced a diet change and some exercise but so far I have done every workout because I wanted to.  Not because of the weight loss benefits (though it is a nice bonus) but just because I was feeling it.  So I'll tell you from experience, the self motivation does get easier.  If you start out slow and stay away from burning yourself out, you will eventually feel like you're on the top of that mountain.

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