Friday, August 24, 2012

New Low

Current Weight: 163.2
Lost so far: 46.8
Pounds to go: 8.2

A new low number on the scale today, yay.  We've done a ton of hiking this week and my bottom is definitely feeling sore from it.  I guess that means progress so I'll totally take it.  I might get another hike in tomorrow but it depends on how some other things line up.  If not, I'll try to get on the elliptical again or something to make up for it.  I am going to shoot for 3 pounds over the next 4 weeks, which is a little aggressive, but I think I can maybe do it. 

Oh, just to show you the crazy ass trail we've been hiking, here it is.  That little red circle holds two full grown adults to give you a little perspective.  That trail is *steep*.  We hiked that one on Wed. and Thur. and then on Thur, instead of walking down it, we RAN down it.  Even more crazy but you feel on top of the world for the rest of the day from that exhilaration.  Happy Friday!

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