Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going Down

Current Weight: 165.0
Lost so far: 45.0
Pounds to go: 10.0

The number on that scale was at 164 and it's been flirting with it but not passing it.  By the end of the week that number is going to hit 163.  Period.  Today I hiked 4 miles, went to Zumba for an hour, and ran on the treadmill for a half mile.  If required, I will do that every day this week to get that down :)  Yes, I know I am a cardio queen at the moment.  For the next 3 weeks that will not be changing either but after that (my next body fat % check) I will add in some type of weights to switch it up.

If you wanna get leaner, you gotta get meaner!

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