Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small Reasons for Smiling

Current Weight: 155.8
Lost so far: 54.2
Pounds to go: 0.8

The daily numbers on the scale were teasing me.  166.0, 166.2, 166.0, 166.6.  Sigh. I know it will go up and down, absolute fact and there's no avoiding that.  But it was just so close, I kept hoping that a low would show a 155.x.  So today I have a little smile as I'm seeing that trendline looking down a bit.

I also have a big smile today because of clothes, though.  Yes, it's silly to get happy about clothes but there you have it all the same.  I wanted to go by the Levis store yesterday but it looks like they closed up and shipped out.  That's okay, I guess, because the 2-3 times I went in there the employees were a little snotty/rude anyway.  2 doors down, however, there was a Lucky Brand Jeans so I dropped in and asked the (very sweet) girl if they carry white jeans, as that was what I was going to look for at Levis anyway.  As Luck would have it, pun intended, they did indeed have white jeans and, even better, they had some that had been clearance priced from a regular price of $99 down to $15.  Why yes, I'll take two please, can't beat that price.  So today I'm wearing my "affordably priced" jeans and a shirt that hasn't fit/looked good on me in 15 years, revived just today from the back of the depths of the closet.  Clothing wise today is kind of awesome and feeling good tends to make the day better in general.  Here's hoping it continues.

How is your day going?  What has made you smile lately?


  1. How wonderful for you. White jeans? You go girlfriend. I am on my second day of Insanity Workout. OMG! It is hard. But I have my boss who is doing it, so I will just do what I can. I had been doing the Fab-Abs January, but I didn't do it today. I am going to try and jump back in tomorrow on it.

  2. I can't wait to see how Insanity goes for you. I've been too scared to do it and you've got some serious guts to tackle that one!