Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Shiny Year

I once made a New Year's resolution to never make another New Year's resolution.  I think I was a sophomore in high school then?  Anyway, I'm gonna break that now.  I figure 18 years is long enough in that case.  So here are my resolutions for this year:

1.    Refinance house
2.    Make more effort to engage in full conversations and ask questions of others (talk less)
3.    Hit goal weight of 155 and maintain within 5 pounds
4.    Hit body fat percentage goal of 21%
5.    Engage the kids in more physical activity (swimming, hiking, walks, etc)

The ongoing saga of my home refinance has been kind of a nightmare, going on 11 months or 5 years depending on how you're counting.  Ugh.  But it's always so close that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just can't quite reach it.  So hopefully in this new year I can get control of that.

As for talking less, well, I'm awful at that.  I have been really trying to ask questions of others and shut my mouth and just listen to them.  I'm doing a little better already but I want to carry this throughout the new year to make it a long term habit. 

My goal weight/body fat goals are very close.  I was awful the last 2 weeks but all in all it really could have been so much worse.  So back on track I go, but I am up to 158.4 at the moment.

Some of our kids are really good at getting out and moving around.  Two of them, not so much.  My oldest two have zero interest in learning to ride a bike or do much of anything beyond a computer screen.  Luckily they are all pretty healthy kids but I'd like to instill a bit of love for getting out and moving around while they are still impressionable.  So this year there needs to be more hiking, swimming, bike riding lessons, etc.

Are you making resolutions this year?  What are your goals?

ps: I thought this article at CalorieCount was interesting

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