Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Body Fat Goal

I made my first body fat % goal of 24%, which just slides me into the "fitness" category.  I just squeaked in at 23.99%, hehe, but I made it.  My next goal is to shoot for 20% which sounds like a lot but it's only a few pounds (155 pounds) so it is challenging but doable.  We're going hiking Thur and Fri morning on the usual 4 mile hike and on Saturday I have a 10 mile hike planned.  Somewhere I want to squeeze in trying out the p90x yoga that my physical therapist recommended so maybe I'll do that on Sunday?  Anyway, I'm doing my little celebratory dance today over my goal and I'll have to come up with a little reward of some kind.  Maybe some new jeans are in order?  Hmm...

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