Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Signs of Progress

Current Weight: 198.0
Lost so far: 12.0
Pounds to go: 38.0

Tip: Remember that losing weight is NOT the only sign of progress on your diet.

Well, today is not a weight loss progress today, still at 198.0. I did eat right and exercise yesterday though, so I'm hoping that it's water weight and I made progress I just don't see on the scale yet. Anyway, today is a day where I look for progress in other ways to keep me motivated. I measured myself and I've lost a couple inches from my hips, thighs and stomach and smaller amounts from my arms so I can see the progress there. Also, I went for a walk today and the exact same walk that used to just kill me on the uphill parts was almost easy today which means that some of that weight that didn't go away is at least converted from fat to muscle. Big yay for that!

So if you too are dieting, remember that not losing weight doesn't mean it's not working. It just might be progress in other areas.

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