Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food Choices: Red Pepper and Ham Salad

Current Weight: 193.2
Lost so far: 16.8
Pounds to go: 33.2

I will NOT eat something, no matter how healthy it's supposed to be for me, if it tastes like crap. I'm really picky about salads especially, because I don't like any kind of dressing. Occasionally I'll use a little squeezed lemon on my salad but usually they are dry. It's healthier but it's also really boring that way so if I can find toppings to spice it up with I'm so much more likely to actually eat it.

One of my favorite salads is Red Pepper and Ham. It's really fast and healthy but also tastes good. A little chopped up Red Pepper, chopped up ham (even lunch meat works), a little low fat cheese and lettuce or spinach. So good.

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