Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lighten Up

This is more of a note to self kind of post but I thought I should share this in case you find yourself in the same place.  I've been beating myself up about my perceived lack of progress.  The thing is, I MADE progress.

I am way too hard on myself, haha.  So last week I did beautifully and followed the plan perfectly.  Drinking enough water, as you know, can flush out extra water weight and last week my lowest weight dropped to 156.8.  That is my lowest weight in more than a decade.  Today (and for the last few days) my weight has been 158.8ish and so that's up two pounds which I was annoyed about but I also haven't been drinking the water.  For the last few months my average weight was 160.5 so I'm down a pound and a half on my averages and yet I'm beating myself up that I'm not at my lowest weight number?!  Ugh, I drive myself nuts.  I have to remind myself that I made great progress and, if I follow the plan again just like last week and I follow it again next week, I will see that goal number of 155. It's important to follow the trend of the averages and NOT the day to day amounts.

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