Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Brain Dump

Current Weight: 157.6
Lost so far: 52.4
Pounds to go: 2.6

For just one day I did see 155.6 on the scale but I was terribly dehydrated so I don't think it counts, haha.  However, I am making progress and reaching my goal by Christmas is still well within my grasp.  I have my arm workout tonight along with the elliptical and Zumba tomorrow. 

We're getting in to the final stretch before Christmas and all of the candy/cookies are starting to make their holiday appearances.  It helps that the group at work is being as health conscious as I am so there is a lot less than we've had in previous years, which makes it significantly easier. 

On a final note, I still can't decide about buying a treadmill.  Last year we got the elliptical which both husband and I use.  However, running on the elliptical does not translate to being able to really run and I've thought that I might like to put a treadmill in the guest room and alternate which machine I use.  Thoughts?


  1. Contracts on being so close to your goal!

    I happened across your blog and thought I would comment. My wife and I had an elliptical, a stationary bike, and a treadmill--and we got RID of the treadmill. I like the elliptical, but when I want to run, I found that nothing replaces running outside. Once I found the enjoyment of running outside--especially when running with friends--I found the treadmill to be a complete "dreadmill."

    Additionally, treadmills require significantly more maintenance than the other machines.

    Having said this, I don't know where you live, but running outside does require some planning around weather and safety, but if you have the elliptical and, of course, can do weight-based cross-training, you have plenty of indoor workouts for when going outside doesn't work.

    You'll also save money that you can spend just a portion on a running club, a nice GPS running watch, and a few entries to races (5Ks/10Ks/maybe longer) to motivate you to keep what you've worked to hard to achieve!

  2. Thank you for the input! It's getting a little cold for running outside as I'm a great big sissy about freezing but you are right that the elliptical is probably enough in the winter months. The biggest thought to getting the treadmill instead of running outside is that I have 5 kids and can't always get outside alone for an hour at a time but with a treadmill I can stop for a minute, help them, and get back on. I do think I'll wait on it for now, though.