Friday, May 25, 2012

30 pounds

Current Weight: 179.5
Lost so far: 30.5
Pounds to go: 19.5

The 30 pound mark has been passed!  Wahoo!

The kids have tried some new foods for them this week. Red bell peppers, cauliflower and watermelon.  Of course they hated them all because they ALWAYS hate new foods but some seem to have more hope than others as the red peppers didn't even slightly go over well.  I think next time I will try those as a Roasted Red Pepper soup (had some last week and it was SO good!).

I'm going to try carrots on them again this weekend (they have not warmed up to them much) and see what they think of glazed carrots.  They are sweet and not real healthy but once I get them hooked it's easier to start cutting the sweet back a little at a time.  We did something similar with butter and peas/green beans and now they prefer them without butter.

I also swapped the kids usual 'fake' wheat bread, meaning it was made with enriched flour, for the real stuff.  I always eat the good wheat bread and I never give my kids white because my mother once pointed out that if I have always given them wheat then I won't have to fight them to make the switch later.  So when I make them toast or anything where the bread is covered I've been giving them the good stuff so they can get used to it without freaking out about the 'extra bits' in it.  Mean old mamma :)

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