Monday, April 16, 2012

90 Days

I'm struggling a little with losing the weight and I think the biggest reason is I don't have a hard date I'm working towards. I lost weight once several years ago knowing that I had to lose it by my sister's wedding since I'd ordered the bridesmaid dress to fit the lower weight. This time, there is no event coming up and I'm having some motivation troubles. Well, I have 30 pounds to go, so I'm going to try making a 90 day challenge out of it. Luckily, there are no more birthdays for any of the kids or anything in the 90 days so it's a little easier to not get tripped up AND we are trying to pay down a few bills so we're trying to not eat out much anyway, which will help. So, starting today I am at 189.0, 29 pound to go to 160. Check in with me later this week to see how it's going!

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